Monday, May 28, 2007

Running Out of Time

Time flies when you are having fun. It seems to fly faster and faster as I get older and older.

No more posting fliers this week. Now, it's time to concentrate on the actual event. I think today, Memorial day, I will burn 5 Xubuntu 7.04 PPC alternate install cd's for the installfest in case we need them for the Girls Inc. Macs.

Busy week ahead. Tuesday afternoon follow up doctor 's appointment. The finger that was infected at the PACS presentation had to be taken care of by a hand specialist. No biggee, it was only one finger. It made typing this week interesting; especially in the yoda van.

Friday I have to take my wife to Montco Community College to take a test for her online course. She doesn't like to drive. Then Friday night, I have tickets to the Phillies game. Tickets are too good to pass up, and come with a free parking pass.

That only leaves Wednesday and Thursday for preparation for the Installfest. I would like to get to NTR to do some preliminary setup. Also, have to get all the gear together that we may need for the event.

Starting to get behind in my online course.Offensive Security 101 by the Backtrack crew. I have to get to work.

In true manic fashion, started thinking about / promoting another event, before even completing the installfest June 2nd. Software Freedom Day, Saturday, September 15th. That is the kickoff weekend for the new PACS season, and the timing couldn't be better. Ubuntu and the Opencd people are sponsors and providing cd's for the event. I will see tonight on our (PACSLINUX) weekly irc chat; every Monday night on freenode in room #pacslinux starting at 8pm, if the group is as interested in an event as I am.

Thanks to all veterans who served, or are serving this country. Thank you every day, and especially today for protecting our Freedoms and our way of life.

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