Saturday, November 30, 2013

BsidesDE, Project.Phree, and Amateur Radio

Security BSides Delaware 2013

Thanks Josh and Janice for hosting BsidesDE. (Janice does all the work)

Friday: Project.Phree talk. Another great job by BTS. Video.

This year also included a FREE wireless essentials training class. The class was taught by a team of world-class instructors including Mike Kershaw (drag0rn), author of the immensely popular Kismet wireless tool, Russell Handorf from the FBI Cyber Squad, and Rick Farina, lead developer for Pentoo. The class covered everything from wireless basics to software-defined radio hacking. An absolutely amazing class. (excerpted from:


First slide I remember from presentation: "BECOME A HAM"  You want to learn about wireless, become a ham.

Sunday morning, ordered this: BaoFeng UV-5R  and began to study for my Technician License.

Best advice ever. Hams are/were hackers. I guess ham clubs were the first hackerspaces. Natural fit for me.


Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Phree Wi-Fi

Thanks to the fine folks at Nonprofit Technology Resources Project.Phree now has a physical location, named Phree.Labs at 1522 Brandywine St. Phila, PA 19130.

We are currently working to get it ready for use. Painting etc. Stop by irc and check if we are there:

We've registered #project.phree on Freenode.
If you're new to IRC or wish to not install an IRC client, Freenode has a webchat client.

Amateur License - KC3BRA - Fisher, James G  Help in new window
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Call SignKC3BRA  Radio ServiceHA - Amateur
StatusActive Auth TypeRegular 
Grant11/27/2013 Expiration11/27/2023 

Let the games begin.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fosscon 2013

Another great Fosscon is now done. Thanks Jonathan and Crissi for all the hard work you do all year to make this event happen. I'd also like to thank all of the staff that assists with this event. Finally, I'd like to thank all that support and attend this local event.

The Ubuntu Local Community Team always sponsors an Installfest at Fosscon. This year, we had an open Installfest. Any distro that wanted, could represent themselves and be part of the Installfest.
Fedora stepped up to that challenge. Ben and his wife drove all the way from North Carolina to represent Fedora. They are wonderful people and wonderful advocates. It was a pleasure working with them.

The Installfest yielded 2 new installs and 1 issue resolution (performed by the Fedora Team). The 2 new installs came via NTR.

Many Ubuntu-Us-PA members, alumni and friends were among the attendees at Fosscon. Some were speakers.

Alumna Elizabeth Joseph was a speaker.

Member Brent Saner was a speaker.

Friend/Member by default, Walt Mankowski was a speaker.

Exhibitors and Sponsors entertained and informed all.

Even Sunday, the day after Fosscon, some met at Hive76 for an impromptu Hackfest.

Project.Phree,, and Ecere were represented at the Hackfest on Sunday.

Each year gets bigger and better. Help us keep this going.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year

Xmas for me was an Eggbot. Cool gift. Fun build. Now to play with Inkscape more and print cool stuff.

Also have been wanting to build a multi-channel controller for Cindy's Xmas light display. Easy build, just never got around to it. Decided to just order some Power Tails and do it.
Unfortunately they didn't get here while her whole display was up. The nativity was down already, and of course, the infant Jesus was going to be the star.

The video was the 4 channel test. I then ordered a Teensy 2.0 for the
real build.

Here is the simple test build:

Good start to the New Year. 
Hope everyone has a healthy 2013 and we do some cool stuff.