Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bad Week - Bad Sign

The week leading up to the installfest couldn't be more screwed up!

Monday HOLIDAY - Tuesday 2 days worth of work to get caught up on, actaully 3 days if you include Saturday's work. One of my key people on vacation all week. Tuesday follow up appt with hand surgeon. Thursday another employee off for jury duty. Friday have to take my wife to montco for a test all morning.
Phillies game Friday night.

And to make it even worse, my security blanket, the Yoda Van, started to act up.

My 1995 Dodge conversion van - my mobile office - laptop -printer - copier - wireless internet (cingular aircard 860 w/ external antenna) and all the peripherals you could ever need - routers - cables - wireless cards - ethernet cards - usb wireless adapters - extension cords - basically a WORKSHOP on WHEELS was giving me grief.

The transmission was slipping. Timing couldn't be worse. But in the end, the guys at A+ transmission (Keith) came through and got the tranny done in 2 days.

A good sign - the Yoda Van will be ready for Saturday.

I sell bread - never baked a loaf in my life. I have people that do that for me. Very good people. Well this time I needed them to come through for ME. I wanted to bring an Italian Ring Loaf modified into the Ubuntu logo. I went to the Master Baker, Ronald, and gave him the logo, and told him exactly what I wanted. Checked on the status of the bread on Thursday. Ronald said he couldn't do it. NOT ACCEPTABLE. This was for me. I basically told him that he HAD to get it done, and that I was counting on him. In the end, Ronald earned his title of Master Baker, and came through with an excellent bread rendition of the logo. Thanks Ron.

Friday afternoon irc chat message, or was it the mailing list, can't remember - did any one print the disclaimers? Thankfully I was in the office - bang out 60 copies.

Home from the phillies game (they suck) check the irc-forums-mailing list : Resource pages - Bang out 50 copies. That's it lights out. Installfest tomorrow.

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