Sunday, August 16, 2009

Iphone, new Van PC, URL shortener, and FIOS ordered.

Well, after all the escapades with my Treo 650, it has finally bitten the dust. Please bow your head in a moment of silence. Of course, I had just purchased a new sim card and 3 new aluminum
cases for it! But alas, too many random reboots, so time to get a new phone. 
My carrier, At&t doesn't currently carry anything that I really wanted. First choice, an android option; no go. Second choice, Palm Pre; again no go. I had to go with the Iphone. Refurbished, $49.00, not bad at all. I have purchased the apps I need, mocha VNC, and iSSH program, really not that bad. Sync via Exchange to ONE of my Google Apps Domains; mail, calendar, and contacts. Everything else I need I can access via the web connection. So far, pretty nice device.
And I jammed the Iphone into the Treo aluminum case; fits real well, just have to pop the phone a little out of the case to use camera.
My mobile setup has been a little shakey, the Toshiba A75 Laptop that I use seems to draw a lot of current. It has been hacked with a devil tail, an external ac adapter plug, because of the bad connection on the motherboard, but it kicks my 400 watt inverter off. This has become troublesome because I need the laptop to work always in the van - so I have switched the mobile laptop to my Dell 6000. During the switch, I noticed that the cigarette lighter adapter plug to the inverter had melted a little.  No problem; I have a spare 200 watt inverter - that works fine with the Dell. More on this whole situation as things develop - need to get new power wire for the 400 watt and find out why the Toshiba is drawing so much current.
During my daily review of Lifehacker, I saw this cool article:
Got it all setup on my Dreamhost account - gave it a whirl - seems to work.  Only problem; the shortened url doesn't resolve. DOH! More work to do.

I have been very happy with my internet provider, Cavalier.  A static ip, not too expensive, and not Comcast. My speeds are not the greatest, and with all the internet access in the house, it's starting to show.  Verizon FIOS ordered, will be installed Thursday.

That's all for now - more to come.

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