Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dreamhost - What a Bargain ! Dropbox in the cloud.

Every morning when I arrive to the office I have a ritual; check all my email accounts, then check LifeHacker for any new info.

This LifeHacker post caught my eye - DreamHost offering 2 year domain hosting for $11.00.

I was late by one day, so the promo code only granted me the 2 year deal for $42.00. What the heck. I signed up.

I already have 2 Google Domains. One for work, and one for the family.
They suit what I need very well. Actually, they more than fulfill all my requirements; except the need to GEEK.

I have enough equipment and internet accounts that I could have set up my own server and done it all myself, but that takes time. This was easy - sign up - set up ssh access - good to go.

Now what to do with my DreamHost account. Don't really want to set up a web page. Ok, maybe this was a bad impulse buy. But, I do have unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth to NOT use.

DreamHost bosts 'Single Click' installations for a variety of web applications. I had some time Saturday night, and Sunday during the football games to give it a whirl.

First install: Wordpress - Easy - Just as advertised. See it here.

Next install: Gallery - Easy - Just as advertised. See it here.

Final Install: MediaWiki - Easy - Just as advertised. See it here.

My domain is, and the hardest, and still ongoing process so far, has been trying to get a favicon that I like. It is still a works in progress.

DreamHost ++ So far, so good.

Also, I would like to let you know about Dropbox. Another LifeHacker find; before the DreamHost find. Finally started using this as well this weekend. I like having things 'in the cloud' as I use computers at home, in the office, and on the road (literally). Using Dropbox for some photos for now.


John said...

nice post. did dreamhost have all the installs for wordpress, gallery, etc ready to go? or did you have to set up the DBs, extract the install files...etc?

what os are you running?

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