Monday, September 1, 2008

NJ Lan Party - Games DO Rock!

Ok, so the NJ Ubuntu LoCo was having their Lan/BBQ party in two separate locations; Cherry Hill and Butler, New Jersey; connected by a server setup in Butler.

Having the opportunity to attend for a few hours, I headed over.

I had no intention of playing any games. Rather, I thought I could pursue some technical stuff while there.

My feeling had always been, computers are for computing and game consoles are for gaming. That's it. Done.

I had played games when I was younger, and was very obsessed. Hours spent with the Nintendo Entertainment System and Mario Bros. Even took my photo with the Endgame screen and sent to Nintendo Power magazine! (Still trying to find the photo to scan as proof)

Well, upon my arrival, Randy, Dave, and Joe were already there, and game playing was the only thing on their minds. What the heck, I'll give it a shot. Urban Terror. It was a BLAST. I sucked.

Then, things started to change. The Quigley clan arrived; Bryan and his two brothers. After a brief setup period, the air in the room thickened. Joe became non-responsive, as all his attention and focus was dedicated solely to his laptop. It was on!! The Quig clan was running, jumping, shooting, and sniping; Joe was murdering me from all angles and distances. I sucked worse. Even Harding, who I had only credited with the powers of bash, sed, and awk was fragging the hell out of me. Shit, I was getting killed by a Teddy Bear.

Then we started to play different games modes. The bomb game. I was on the blue team, find and defuse the bomb. At some point, we switched sides; I was so focused on killing RED people that I didn't realize I WAS A RED PERSON. Dossy I am truly sorry that I shot you, my teammate. Repeatedly. Then came the knife fight. Someone called knife fight for the next number of rounds; by the time I figured out how to choose the knife as my weapon, everybody was back to guns. That was like 6 rounds.

Somewhere in all that Lyz and Matt arrived; but honestly the gaming was going too fiercely at that point to really acknowledge their arrival. Plus time was flying, and I had a limited opportunity to play, as I had to get home to help care for my Maltese recovering from knee surgery. Four hours gone in no time.

On the ride home, I connected to the server from the van so I could spectate. As soon as I arrived home, I re-setup, got on irc and tried to entice others to join. Bstempi joined, Bts was still at work. They switched to Armegatron for a bit, so I had to download that and play that also.

Then I put on the headphones. DOH! I could hear footsteps and gunshots and other things that would help me play the game. It didn't. I still sucked. But now I know that sucking does have a sound associated with it! It sounds like bleeding to death.

FOSS - open source - open mind - have fun - I had a BLAST! Thanks everyone.

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