Sunday, December 9, 2007

Advocacy does NOT need to be FORMAL

So after a recent discussion in IRC with the NJ Ubuntu LoCo gang (Congratulations again on achieving 'approved team' status), I figured I would make my feelings known to a larger audience.

There seems to be a 'lull' in user group activity recently. More and more people are becoming comfortable with technology; but this is not translating into more membership for area users groups. Hmm.

Along those same lines of thought; more and more people are trying Linux. The distribution that I am active in is Ubuntu. As a primarily grassroots endeavor, we need people to advocate it's use to others. I believe that all that is needed is the desire to share your experience with others. You don't need to be a 'guru'. I think that people will be more willing to take Linux and us seriously, if they have empathy with current users. People will feel more comfortable if it isn't seen as a clandestine, hex-counting, klingon-speaking, dvorak-typing, jedi-worshipping, card carrying group of underground hackers.

Whatever experience you can bring to the table will help us extend our reach. All are welcome. All that is needed is a desire to let everyone know. Let them know what you like, and what you don't like. What works seamlessly and what requires you to reach out to those mentioned above for assistance. I don't really care what brings you, as long as you come. Once you are here, you will see why we are here. It's fun!

Ubuntu is working, I believe, because of it's community. Both virtual and physical communities. If you don't take advantage of the physical community; meetings, events, and all the other social type things that your local groups are doing, you are only getting half of the experience. Come out, give it a try.

Many people caught up in the Ubuntu phenomenon aren't even Ubuntu users. That's great. Come out, have fun, we'll get you through osmosis. Even if we never get you; that's cool too; we enjoyed your company and I am sure that you helped us promote our cause.

Try it. If you like it; tell someone. If you can, help someone. If you can't, tell them where they can get help. Come to a meeting. Come to an event. Come to a party. Chat it up in IRC.

Come as you are, we all had to start somewhere.

Hope to see YOU soon.

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