Thursday, October 4, 2007

Farmers Market Promotion in NJ

Saturday September 22nd, 2007 - Event - NJ Ubuntu LoCo Farmers Market SFD FOSS Promotion.

After supporting the PA LoCo's SFD event, the NJ LoCo decided to have a public information event at the Columbus Market in New Jersey.

The one thing that I have learned in my LoCo experience is how large PA and NJ are. The NJ LoCo is trying to attract more active members from regions other than South Jersey, and specifically the Cherry Hill area. Like any organization, getting active members, to give freely (and not so freely) of their time and resources is the biggest obstacle. It is tricky to be active and not burn out your active membership. Support is vital and needed.

Anytime I can get together with other people interested in Linux I am pretty stoked. So after going to the office and making sure everything was ok, I headed over to Columbus to give a hand.

Dave was already there, had a table and was all setup. I pulled the van near the table so that power would be available if needed. (Note to self: Disconnect the outlet strip in the van and use all the power for the extension cord.)

Dave and I had time to chat, solve all the important issues surrounding open source, and prepare for the market's opening. We had Ubuntu Live cd's, the OpenCd, and FSuite (osX FOSS) leftover from the PA SFD event to distribute.

A little later Joe, Christina, and Bryan arrived and joined us. It was very nice. Juggling, socializing, discussing and promoting.

I had to leave at noon, and the morning went very quickly.

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