Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BBQ was HOT - MALT on Fire - NTR Rekindling

August; supposed to be slow because of the time of the year and vacations and such.

NOT with the PA Ubuntu LoCo.

BBQ - Socialize - Two uncommon sounding things in our little world; except if BBQ means microwaved hot dogs, or at most Forman Grill; and socialize is our irc chat room (relationship is pm). But Saturday August 11th at Norristown Farm Park all the stigmas were shattered. Armed with food, snacks, beverages, desserts, salads, plush toys and teddy bear treats, the PA Ubuntu Loco and invited guests from other groups and mailing lists descended upon the park and got our BBQ on. It was a great time! Met a whole bunch of new people and for me personally got to meet another of my local philly linux heroes; Michael Toren. As a Linux user who has been in the shadows for many years, because of business, family, and lack of time to commit to anything more than lurking websites and mailing lists; it was a pleasure to actually meet Michael. Plug's website, and members bios exploration has been my only contact with the Linux community for many years until recently. We could have gone on longer, and at the end, I don't think I was really ready for it to end; but, hopefully, it was the first of many to come. I think that having such a positive first experience will lead to more and even better summer get-togethers. I am already psyched for next year.

MALT - The Mt Airy Learning Tree CVG Computer Volunteer Group Project that Kevin has been working on/with for about a year is starting to shape up into a steady ongoing advocacy outlet. We recently partnered with MALT and Girls, Inc. for a project and have been trying to establish a LTSP classroom in their lab. The group meets weekly, but also has their own projects that need to be completed.

We have established the last Wednesday of the month as "The Linux Meeting" at MALT from 7pm to 9pm. Every Month, this meeting will be focused on allowing the volunteers to experience, administer, and play with Linux. The LTSP setup will be used to accomplish this. Hopefully, we will be able to get enough permanent thin clients to have it set up full-time so that even when we are not around anyone can have the Linux experience. More people; Randy and Brian, have shown up recently. The project is starting to take off; great work Kev, thanks for hanging in there when the going got tough.

NTR, the site of our first installfest, has reached out to us based upon the success of the installfest and the recent public interest in Linux and all things Ubuntu. Stan, the director has asked if we could train his staff at NTR on the installation of Ubuntu. We are actively working on this project and first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 22nd for 10am to 2pm.

August 22nd - NTR Install Training

August 29th - the
First Official MALT Linux Meeting

Software Freedom Day
Saturday September 15th at PACS,

and work on Offensive-Security 101 class.

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