Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hey, It's summertime - Time for NJ

Well, I finally did it. I joined the NJ Ubuntu Loco. I have been lurking around the Loco, following Joe Terranova, and trying to help as much, as he has helped us, in PA. I do what I can.

I have felt an allegiance to this LoCo because at least half of my life is spent in NJ, and many of my business contacts are there. But, initially I joined the PA LoCo where I live. Joe Terranova through his involvement with PA and NJ, has shown me that both is possible.

The whole LoCo experience, has been a positive experience for me. Blood pressure is down, and I am not as work obsessed. So I am going to run with it.

I attended the NJ Installfest, after taking care of a bread emergency which brought me into NJ. After meeting the membership of the Loco, I decided to officially join the NJ LoCo; if they will have me.

This does not alter my status with the PA Loco, as I will stay as involved with them as I have been. This is merely a further commitment for myself, to assist the NJ LoCo, with all my efforts when I am in NJ.

I don't want either of us, the NJ LoCo or myself, to look at the help I give as coming from PA anymore. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
I want to be a part of this team also, independent of what we are doing in PA.

For all intents and purposes, I have dual-residency; I sometimes sleep and shower in my office; so now I have dual-LoCo membership as well. It is complete. My life, my work, and my Loco's are all intertwined. There is harmony in the Force.

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